WSCS enjoying Chicago, what a beautiful city. We are attending the #FusionSolutions2018 event for a few days. Very well oraganised and presented. And yes, I took the photo! 
The 2018 Business Continuity Awards was a great event! Congratulations to all of those nominated and the category winners of course. Great to see such tremendous support for this industry. 
WSCS enjoying the Fusion Risk Management Innovation Day in London. Kindly hosted by Jefferies who lets us all enjoy their wonderful roof-top terrace. Great event with excellent customer participation. 
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Click below to register for your free assessment. Greater London only and limited spaces available on a first come first served basis. 
WSCS attended the BCI London Forum at the end of a fantastic awareness week. Quality speakers detailing the challenges, lessons learnt, skills deployed and sad reality of the new threats we all face. Additionally, these are resilient people. But even so, they all acknowledge that they need support to do what they do. 
This dovetailed nicely into mental health awareness week. 
Organised by the BCI London Forum and hosted by the London Fire Brigade. 
This morning WSCS attended the first of many awareness raising sessions as part of BCAW 2018. A well attended session to showcase the BCI Manifesto for Organizational Resilience. Within the manifesto (amongst other things) the BCI are championing the approach of joining together all the disciplines that work together to achieve organizational resilience (and yes the use of the "z" was discussed at length!), of which business continuity is one. 
For those of us who have worked in this field for a number of years we know that this already happens. We already work with risk, security (IT and physical), facilities, etc. But the recognition of this and support that the BCI can bring is welcomed! 
Please contact us directly if you would like to discuss any element of your resilience journey. 
We all know about the banks. The TSB story is new and old news. What was the part that jumped out for me? “it appears that consumers need to have a back-up plan - for example, by opening up a second bank account”. Presumably with a different bank! Practical advice perhaps but it seems like passing the buck! 
How good is your own resilience program? 
Do you question your 3rd parties on their critical suppliers? 
Do you validate your IT resilience levels (too high or too low)? 
Are you checking that your outsourced partners execute your DR tests? 
Are you in a position to report to management, customers, auditors? 
These do not have to be expensive things to do. Take advice and accept a pragmatic approach to review, resolve and provide assurance. 
Contact us to help provide an overview of the options available. 
Working with WSCS, you can be confident that you’re deploying best-in-class solutions that actually do what your business requires. We’ll help you avoid “overbuying” complex or overpriced solutions. The wrong tool will be an expensive distraction that will delay your projects, increase costs and rarely deliver what was pitched at the early stages. Our expertise in deploying software solutions will ensure your project is on-time, on budget and meets your objectives. Contact us to help provide an overview of the options available. 
How protected is your supply chain? Do you have an up to date, relevant and validated Business Continuity plan in place? 
Almost two months to the day after the KFC story broke and we still see the impact of a supply chain breakdown. Here's a photo we took at our local KFC, clearly still suffering 2 months down the line. Let us not forget, this was a planned change. 
Having too little water, water that’s too dirty to use or water that's too expensive can have devastating effects on us as individuals, communities and organisations. There’s no doubt that water is fundamental to businesses, whether it’s for consumption, heating, cooling or cleaning, so what happens when we run out of it? 
Have you reviewed your business continuity plan to confirm that it covers communication, alternative suppliers and workforce flexibility, which will allow you to deal effectively with a scenario like this? 
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