Every business will face disruption at some stage but it’s how you deal with that disruption which will set you apart from your competitors. To be successful, you will need to allocate time and resources to a business continuity program that can handle things like technical disruptions, staffing and other business obstacles. 
For a business to thrive many have realised that more needs to be done in safeguarding their infrastructure and IT which will help support growth and protect data. Many businesses are now developing their own continuity plans that ensure their business continues to function with minimal disruption. 
WSCS uses several key steps to assess your current business continuity programme and looks for gaps and areas for improvement. Steps including risk assessment, business impact analysis and strategy and plan development. 
By doing this you will be fully prepared for any disruption while at the same time utilising the knowledge and experience of our business continuity consultants who will be able to help guide you through many scenarios such as addressing the board and dealing with concerns from stakeholders. 
The WSCS team will also provide in-depth analysis of your business processes and determine what resources are needed to handle things such as suppliers, technology and people. We also ensure that we make your business continuity budget work for you and keep it within set targets. 
When it comes to strategy and planning we endeavour to go that little bit further by providing a disciplined approach to more than compliance requirements. We want your stakeholder and board-level executives to have complete trust that you can recognise business threats and handle them quickly and efficiently so they do not escalate into disasters.  
Finally, we pride ourselves on delivering detailed training and exercises to ensure that you are fully prepared for the road ahead. We can enact situations which may arise as part of a business continuity event. We will also cover subjects such as strategy planning, organisation, processes, technology and facilities - which are the characteristics of an effective plan. 
WSCS has an excellent track record of working with national and international companies to plan for potential threats. The dedicated team and associates are Business Continuity Institute (BCI) accredited and cover a variety of sectors including media, invetment management, catering and hospitality. 
For more information about business continuity management or to speak to one of our continuity consultants get in touch here or contact us directly on 020 8123 0935
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